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On a random day in October 2015, early one morning I told my husband out of the blue, “I need to show my clients what I do”. Puzzled my husband looked at me and asked what I meant.

“I am going to call it #GlamoniqueTV” I said. My husband knew immediately what I was planning in my head, he knows me so well. After all, this is not the first time this conversation came up between me and him briefly. I had told him previously that not one, not two… not even 30 of my current clients has asked me, but much, much more of them wanted me to show them how I do my makeup. Now the reality is that it`s one thing to try and explain what I do and another thing to demonstrate what I do. Obviously the later is the best possible option to cover massive amounts of ground. But I decided to not only showcase what I do with my own makeup and my clients makeup but will be covering a range of additional topics such as how to care for your hair extensions properly, how to pick the right foundation for their skin type, how to know which hair extensions is the best for you etc etc… and the list goes on and on and on. So I decided I will personally answer all your questions and show you what you can do to improve your overall image, focusing on makeup and hair extensions. If another topic that`s directly or indirectly related pops up, obviously I will just add that to the mix.

I immediately went onto Youtube and searched “Makeup tutorials” and watched videos for hours. Additional to that I subscribed to some of the biggest names in the industry. A few days later I was in my living room, with minimal setup, a DSLR camera and a makeup look in my head which I wanted to film. Unfortunately the very first video was a huge mishap and it was very poorly shot. LOL… I realized very quickly how much effort and resources goes into videos. Respect to all the Youtubers out there!!!

But I did not give up!! It`s not in my blood after all 😀

I`m happy to announce we are continuing with #GlamoniqueTV. All the technical challenges have been sorted and we will be launching our very first video very soon, in February 2016 to be exact.  So stay tuned for that.

Why #GlamoniqueTV?

Videos has become one of the fastest growing sectors to get people`s attention and the internet and social media sites makes it possible for anyone to join in the fun. I realized how valuable having that platform is on which I could give back to my community in a fun and engaging way. I started it for essentially for a few reasons. It’s a way to create more content for myself, get more of my message and thoughts out there, and connect with my community.

Very simply, #GlamoniqueTV is focused on Q&A`s meant to provide as much value to the viewers as possible. Period. The way in which I will be delivering this value is by creating makeup tutorials, sharing some of my most trusted tips and trick, doing product reviews, how to cover your imperfections and answering any and all questions you might have regarding makeup, products and hair extensions. Yes, I will be using this platform to even cover Hair Extensions.

The platforms I will be focusing on are Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat @Glamonique 

Ultimately my focus is to be able to show my community that you do not have to be a professional to achieve great results. It`s more than possible to achieve that makeup look you have been swooning over and if you simple get taught what products to use and how you use them, the possibilities are endless. You will be able to view the content in the comfort of your car passenger seat or even your bed late at night, in the comfort of your own home. The choice is yours.

List of Topics as yet:

  • The History of Makeup
  • What is Makeup made off
  • How to make yourself look fresh and awake after a horrible nights rest
  • How to erase the signs of stress
  • What are the appropriate age for young girls to start tweezing their eyebrows
  • What Brazilian Blow wave is best for your Hair Extensions
  • The benefits of Brazilian Blow wave
  • Why is Hair Extensions so expensive
  • What type of aftercare do I use on my Hair Extensions
  • Difference between curling tong and straightener to achieve the best curl
  • What colour eyeshadow works best for blue, brown, green and hazel eyes
  • Best way to apply flawless foundation
  • Proper styling products for Hair Extensions
  • How to avoid split ends in your Hair Extensions
  • What Hair Extensions method is best for you
  • How to make your face look more slimmer and defined using contour techniques
  • All about concealers
  • Is permanent makeup something you should consider
  • How to make your makeup last all day long
  • Makeup Looks – Valentines, summer, winter, girls night out, bachelorettes, golden, christmas, holidays,at the beach, vampy, smokey eye, cat eyes, double winged eyeliner, false eyelashes, colour correction, brow shaping, exfoliating your lips, all about makeup brushes, caring for your brushes, how to conceal hyper pigmentation…..
  • And so much more

How you can get involved?

It`s very simple. You can send your questions on email to info@glamonique.co.za or you can send a whatsapp to 071 277 7772. You are welcome to add pictures as well. Your questions can be anything from Makeup, shin care, hair extensions, aftercare of hair extensions, and anything else you would like me to answer.

I`m super excited to do this for you and I hope you will find great value in it.

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