How to avoid your Hair Extensions from Matting?

Hair Extensions are awesome! Up until the day they start to matt or tangle. What a predicament!! Luckily there is way to deal with it.

The first thing we need to do though is talk about why your Hair Extensions might matt in the first place. The biggest and probable the most basic reason as to why they would matt is because you do not brush them often enough. Don`t worry, this is not aimed at you specifically LOL. We all are guilty of doing this time and again. Even I am guilty. Other possibilities include unfriendly weather, product build up and sleeping with your Hair Extensions loose.

So let`s get right to it. Here are our best tips.

If you want your Hair Extensions to look all silky through the day, you need to brush it at least 2-3 times per day. Unfortunately shedding of the hair extensions can happen, therefor you much use the best brush specifically designed to detangle but preserve at the same time. The only brush known to do this is a Tangle Teezer brush. We have tried multiple brushes and the Tangle Teezer is by far our favourite. They are also available in compact handbag sized which makes brushing on the run so much better. The soft bristles makes it possible to brush throught your own hair as well as the Hair Extensions, without causing unnecessary damage. The best way to brush is by holding the section of hair in one hand whilst gentle brushing downwards from the ends of the hair shaft, up towards the root where most of the matting might occur.

When considering a after care system to take proper care of your Hair Extensions after they have been installed, it is of utmost importance to recognise that the products you use will either preserve the Hair Extensions OR damage it greatly. Before you just grab something off the shelf at Clicks, you need to look at the content of the bottle and look specifically for Sulphate-Free (Salt free) on the label. These are the safest option for your Hair Extensions. Most of these products you will find at a Professional Hair Salon or Hair Extensions Experts. We know e definitely need shampoo right? But you need more than that. You need to invest in a rich hydrating Sulphate Free Conditioner / Mask too. This will hydrate your Hair Extensions leaving them feel silky smooth and without any tangles. The third most important product you would need for your Hair Extensions, are a Oil based Serum to repair any potential split ends and to bring back shine to the Hair Extensions.

This can be a tricky one, but knowing what to do so your Hair Extensions don`t matt beyond the point of no return whilst you getting your beauty sleep, is probable the most ignored tip out of the three. Thus people complain about how their Hair Extensions are tangles into 50 different knots and then they have to start the journey of detangling each individual knot whilst frantically getting themselves and their kids ready in the morning.

You Hair Extensions stand a very good change of tangling up because we are moving around in our sleep. Unless you are one of those people who sleeps upright LOL. What you do want to do is to try and avoid as much as possible of the tangle. What you want to do is comb your Hair Extensions with a Tangle Teezer, then roll your hair up into a lose bun in the nape of your neck. Then take a hair net and wrap it around your head to secure the bun and the rest of your hair. Because your hair is safely nested in the hair net, tangling will be much less.

Hope these tips are helpful. If you have any other questions, let us know.